Exploring Buddhism’s Ideas Further

If you are interested in learning more about Buddhist philosophy or finding a connection to Buddhist teaching, there are many opportunities for further interaction in North America.
A call to the American Institute of Buddhist Thought can offer you other suggestions for expanding your knowledge of Buddhist philosophy.

You may want to learn about Pure Land Buddhism, the most popular school of Buddhist philosophy in Japan. We recommend two books as a good introduction to its teachings.

We lose ourselves in work, love, family, or leisure, and we believe these pursuits give us a reason for living — but only as long as we forget the shadow of death. Why is our happiness always mixed with sadness? Where can we find true happiness that will never fade away? What is there in life that will never betray us, that we can devote ourselves to without regret?
You Were Born for a Reason addresses these questions.

Something You Forgot … Along the Way offers readers 65 heart-warming stories that show what it means to learn from life’s events.

These simple tales invite readers to look deeper into almost any situation in life. In the tradition of Aesop’s Fables, each story concludes with a moral lesson.

  • more than 650,000 copies of the original sold