Thank You Is Best Served Right Away

Take Him the Money Now! – Show Appreciation Immediately-

When we ask someone for a job or another favor, we are generous with smiles and flattery. We are positive at the time that we’ll never forget how much we owe him or her, but as time goes by, gratitude fades to indifference. People who offer sincere thanks to benefactors will succeed; those who forget others’ kindness will lose their reputation.

(‘Take Him the Money Now!’ from “Something You Forgot … Along the Way)

Thanksgiving reminds many Americans every year to be thankful for all we have and to show appreciation for those around us who have enriched our lives so much. Too often we bury the true meaning of this holiday behind a greedy extra helping of stuffing and then stuffing our mouths with too-much juicy, tender, roasted turkey covered in savory gravy (no lumps). This year before plunging our forks into those soft, creamy mashed potatoes drowning with butter, we should really think about whether we’ve showed others the same degree of tasty thanks all year-round.

How many thank-you letters have we forgot to send over the course of a year? How many attempts have we made to repay our gratitude in all the other seasons to those who have gone out of their way to help us? When have we gone out of our way so much for someone else?

Just like in the short story Take Him the Money Now!, we can’t just wait around for turkey day to finally remind us to give back. Some may enjoy a foamy beer here or there or a glass of wine with their meal on this day. But gratitude is a drink that does not get better with time or fermentation. It’s a dish best served warmly and right away. So today, tomorrow, and every day showing appreciation should be on our minds. And we must try to show appreciation for yesterday too before it’s too late. Leaving the turkey too long in the oven may make it taste bad once a year, but leaving gratitude aside for too long deprives our whole lives of good flavor.

by Felix E. Crosser