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Guide on Buddhism

Some important things to know about how buddhists think buddhisim one of the world’s great religions with more than 350,000,000 adherents across the globe. That number makes Buddhism the fourth most popular faith after Christianity’s 2 billion, Islam’s 1.3 billion, and Hinduism’s 900 million — and the only one of that does not believe in a single creator … Read more

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How Do Buddhist Think

Do you as a Buddhist believe in abortion?
Buddhism teaches that life actually starts before conception, so killing a fetus even before it takes a single breath must obviously be a horrifying Karmic act.However, there are…  Read More


Thank You Is Best Served Right Away
Take Him the Money Now! – Show Appreciation Immediately- When we ask someone for a job or another favor, we are generous with smiles and flattery…  Read More

Loneliness and Social Isolation is a Bigger Killer than Diabetes or Smoking

Most of us will go through periods when we feel a little lonely every now and again, such as when loved ones go out of the town for a few weeks, or the kids leave the nest. For many people going through this phase, the feelings…Read More

What Do Buddhist Traditions Represent?

Why do Buddhist monks shave their heads?
It is told that monks tonsure to follow the legend that Sakyamuni Buddha shaved his head when he went out from his castle and started his ascetic training…Read More